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Inventory of Fishes at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (SAAN)


Under contract to the National Park Service, biologists of the San Antonio River Authority Environmental Services Department conducted a series of fish collections at representative sites along watercourses in or adjacent to the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park properties in Bexar and Wilson counties, Texas . Fishes were collected from October 2003 to September 2004 at five sites along the San Antonio River and at three tributary sites utilizing electro-fishing and seining techniques. Fish community composition, habitat and water quality were evaluated. The survey collected 27 species totaling 4912 individuals. Non-native species collected during this survey made up 37% of all species collected and 36% of all individuals collected. The survey was able to document 69% of the fishes previously collected from the Upper San Antonio River and collected four species (Notropis Buchanani, Notropis texanus, Notropis amabilis, Tilapia zilli) not previously listed by the San Antonio River Authority. No darter species or species of management concerns were collected. The San Antonio River Authority developed an inventory of fishes collected from streams within or adjacent to San Antonio Missions National Historical Park properties as a project deliverable to the National Park Service.