Wastewater Treatment Plants

The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) began providing wastewater utility services in 1966. Today, the River Authority has five permitted active wastewater treatment plants. These plants utilize the latest technology to produce a high-quality effluent and to preserve the ecosystems into which the effluent is returned.

The costs of the wastewater treatment plants and service system, operations and maintenance, facilities expansions, and system administration are funded by connection fees, interest income on utilities funds, and uniform user rate charges.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

River Authority Wastewater Treatment Plants

The Upper Martinez plant services approximately 11,200 customers. The Upper Martinez plant began operation in 1967 with an average daily flow of 1.55 MGD and a permitted flow of 2.21 MGD.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Martinez II Wastewater Treatment plant services approximately 8,400 customers. Martinez II began operations in 1986 with an average daily flow of 2.12 MGD and a permitted flow of 3.5 MGD.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Martinez IV Wastewater Treatment Plant services development in Eastern Bexar County approximately serving 6,700 customers. Martinez IV began operations in April 2019 with a permitted flow of 0.25 MGD. The final permit is for 2.0 MGD.

Location of Customers Served

The Martinez IV Wastewater Treatment plant services development in The Parc at Escondido, Notting Hill, Notting Hill Manor, Summer Hill, Reserve at Schertz, Paloma, Heathers Place and Asher Place Subdivision located in eastern Bexar County.

Martinez IV received a silver Envision rating from the Institution of Sustainable Infrastructure.

Martinez IV Wastewater Treatment Plant
Martinez IV Wastewater Treatment Process

The First Responders Academy (FRA) Wastewater Treatment Plant services the Alamo Community College district and the First Responders Academy. The FRA plant began operations in 2013 with an average daily flow of 0.003 MGD and a permitted flow of 0.025 MGD.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Salitrillo Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) services approximately 18,000 connections. The Salitrillo plant began operations in 1966 with an average daily flow of 3.96 MGD and a permitted flow of 5.83 MGD.

Construction Updates on Plant Expansion

In order to meet the growing population in the area, the Salitrillo WWTP is currently undergoing a plant expansion. After the expansion, the plant will have a new capacity of 7.33 MGD. 

Update September 9, 2023 – Updated on a monthly basis

  • For safety, temporary construction fencing has been installed
  • Clarifiers – Floors 100% prepped.  
  • Concrete Driveways are prepped.  
  • The switchboard has been set and the generator is on site.
  • Please contact us with any further questions.
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Tips for Keeping Your Pipes Clean

Tip #1

Trash the Wipes

No Wipes in the Pipes! Proper disposal of wipes keeps our wastewater systems working smoothly, protects the infrastructure and keeps our creeks and rivers free of contaminants.

Place the following in the trash after use: 

Tip #2

NO Fats, Oils & Grease (F.O.G.)

Pouring and washing fats, oils and grease down the drain causes grease build-up in the pipes leading to major damage and restricts the flow of wastewater from homes, businesses and along wastewater lines resulting in increased costs to residents and business owners and contamination to area creeks and rivers.

Heavy foods that should not go down the drain:


Acequia Trail Notice

The Acequia trail will have heavy traffic near MROC starting May 22nd until further notice. The SAWS Acequia project will be bringing in crews to work on the lift station site and across the street. There will have flaggers to stop traffic, please use caution. 

SASPAMCO Paddling Trail

The SASPAMCO paddling trail is open from River Crossing Park to Helton Nature Park. *Please Note: Paddling Trail from Helton Nature Park to HWY 97 is still closed due to blockages. 

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