Cibolo Creek Water Quality Model Updates

Cibolo Creek Water Quality Model Updates

The Cibolo Creek Watershed is over 850 mi2 in area and has a mix of both urban and rural land use classes. Several parts of this Watershed is are developing rapidly and based on TCEQ’s latest assessment, several of the streams in the Watershed are impaired for primary contact recreation due to elevated bacteria levels. In order to develop and implement mitigation measures, prevent further degradation of the water bodies, and plan for preservation, it is important to better understand the Watershed through the use of comprehensive and well calibrated models. The project objectives are to identify locations and develop/quantify preservation/mitigation strategies for improvement of water quality in the Cibolo Creek Watershed.

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Stem Density Efforts

Stem Density efforts are still in place but will not directly affect any parks or trails. We apologize for any inconvenience.

San Pedro Creek Culture Park – STREAM

Due to maintenance, the water features for STREAM art piece will be turned off until further notice. The STREAM Microphone area is also closed due to vandalism. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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