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Debt Obligations

The River Authority has been awarded the Debt Obligations
Transparency Star by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. 

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The San Antonio River Authority has issued debt to fund needed capital improvement projects including flood control structures, facilities for staff, and wastewater treatment plant and collection system improvements. In addition, the River Authority has also issued debt on behalf of partner agencies to fund improvements to their wastewater and reuse systems that benefit the San Antonio watershed. The River Authority has no legal debt limits. However, the enabling statute of the River Authority prohibits the River Authority from pledging any ad valorem tax revenue to a debt issuance.

The outstanding debt for the River Authority is currently paid from: Bexar County flood control property tax revenue (through a contract with Bexar County, surplus revenue – General Fund – that are not from ad valorem taxes, wastewater systems revenues (generated from user fees), other outside agencies through contract (Alamo College District and Universal City), and surplus utility revenue that are not from ad valorem taxes. The General Fund, because ad valorem taxes cannot support debt service, is not impacted by existing debt obligations.  The wastewater utility systems’ rates are set to provide enough funding for the annual debt service requirements. Therefore, the existing debt does not negatively impact any of the River Authority’s current operations.

Debt Obligations


Total outstanding debt obligations as of 6/30/2022


Tax-supported debt obligations


Total revenue supported debt obligations


Lease revenue obligations


Contract revenue


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