Video Series: Birdwatching on the San Antonio River Walk

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Audubon’s Oriole on the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River Walk

As part of our commitment to safe, clean, enjoyable creeks and rivers, the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) offers free park programming throughout our four-county service district in an effort to promote our parks and trails and forge meaningful connections to area creeks and rivers.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the River Authority’s parks and trails have remained open, providing important recreational opportunities along the San Antonio River. Our Recreation and Park Programming staff has produced a video series to provide answers to the most popular recreation questions. The next video on the series features our recommendations for birdwatching along the San Antonio River Walk available in English and Spanish!

También ofrecemos el video en español como parte de nuestro esfuerzo para alcanzar a nuestra comunidad hispanohablante.

***In accordance to CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, mask wearing and social distancing are strongly encouraged while on the trails.***

Birdwatching on the San Antonio River Walk

Join us on the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River Walk as our Recreation Superintendent shares tips on how to enjoy birdwatching on the River Walk! Come along as we showcase ideal spots along the river and see beautiful images of bird species that were spotted along the way. We also share information about the Mission Reach Avian Study, a multi-year study that was conducted to document the species that use the restored habitat thanks to the project’s ecosystem restoration efforts.

Observando Aves en el Paseo del Río

¡Acompáñana a nuestro Superintendente de Recreación en el segmento Mission Reach para recibir consejos sobre cómo disfrutar al observar aves en el Paseo del Río! Verás nuestras recomendaciones de los lugares ideales para observar aves a lo largo del río además de imágenes de las especies de aves que encontramos en el camino. También compartimos información sobre la Investigación de Aves en el segmento Mission Reach, una investigación de varios años para documentar las especies que utilizan el hábitat restaurado gracias a los esfuerzos de la restauración del ecosistema del proyecto.

***De acuerdo a las recomendaciones del Centro de Control de Enfermedades durante la pandemia COVID-19, se recomienda el uso de mascarillas y distanciamiento social al visitar nuestro parques y senderos.***

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Due to maintenance, the water features for STREAM art piece will be turned off until further notice. The STREAM Microphone area is also closed due to vandalism. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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