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Goliad Paddling Trail on the San Antonio River

Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Goliad Paddling Trail on the San Antonio River

A common misconception that stems from our name is that our services are only extended to residents in San Antonio. It’s important to remember the City of San Antonio was named after the San Antonio River, which flows through the heart of South Texas. The San Antonio River Authority’s (River Authority) District is therefore related to river of which the city is just a part. Our political jurisdiction covers 3,658 square miles, which includes all of Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad counties.

The San Antonio River Basin is larger than our jurisdiction, and because we view the basin holistically, our staff works to support initiatives that align with our commitment to safe, clean, enjoyable creeks and rivers throughout the entire basin, including areas outside our jurisdiction. Here are some highlights of recent efforts we are conducting in our Southern Basin communities!

Enjoyable Efforts

Escondido Creek Parkway in Karnes County

The community is invited to visit and enjoy our newest park, Escondido Creek Parkway in Kenedy, Texas! This linear parkway opened in October 2020, providing outdoor recreation opportunities to residents and visitors who are looking for safe options amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Amenities that visitors can enjoy include 1.5 miles of hike and bike trails, 2 shaded playgrounds, a skate park, splash pad, picnic tables, and a pavilion with an outdoor grill – the pavilion is available for reservation on our website. Other River Authority park initiatives in Karnes County include a $60,000 community assistance donation to assist Karnes City in expanding their walking trails at the City Park and assisting in the purchase of new playground equipment for the Falls City Veterans Memorial Park in collaboration with the Falls City Lions Club.

In Wilson County, the River Authority will be assisting the City of Floresville starting in March in restoration efforts due to soil erosion along the San Antonio River near the paddling trail take out at Floresville River Park, which is the final stop along the SASPAMCO Paddling Trail. In Goliad County, the River Authority is working to expand the current 6.6 miles of the Goliad Paddling Trail with an additional 11.7 miles of paddling fun along the San Antonio River by adding a new paddling access point at Riverdale.

Safe and Clean Efforts

San Antonio River Authority brush removal efforts in Wilson County.

Brush removal efforts in Wilson County

As part of our commitment to safe creeks and rivers, the River Authority is supporting Karnes County, Karnes City, Kenedy, Runge, and Falls City in their Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) flood infrastructure grant. The county was awarded $618,750 by TWDB to conduct a regional flood protection planning study to identify flood prove areas and develop mitigation options. The study will build off past and present River Authority investments, such as the Southern Basin Watershed Master Plan that identified potential regional flood projects and updated stream and river modeling. The River Authority has committed to fund 9% of the total cost of the study, which is anticipated to be $825,000, and all the organizations supporting the study will contribute a percentage to cover its full cost.

In Wilson County, the River Authority has assisted the La Vernia wastewater treatment plant in replacing the Chlorine Regulators through our community assistance fund. Staff have also recently worked with local commissioners to shred and remove brush and pick up litter to improve water quality and flow of local creeks. The River Authority also assisted the Wilson County Sheriff’s department in safely disposing of pharmaceuticals. Plans are underway to hold Household Hazardous Waste collection events in the coming months, so residents of Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad counties are encouraged to visit the Events section on our website to stay up to date!

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Due to maintenance, the water features for STREAM art piece will be turned off until further notice. The STREAM Microphone area is also closed due to vandalism. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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