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Escondido Creek Parkway

208 N. Sunset Strip
Kennedy, TX 78119
United States

Dawn to Dusk
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Skate Park
Splash Pad
Pump Jack
Horn Toad Habitat
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About the Park

With its lush vegetation, effortless accessibility and modern recreation amenities, Escondido Creek Parkway is the new favorite outdoor hub in the City of Kenedy, a gathering place for the community to relish their time in nature and with each other. This inviting linear park transforms the way people connect with their community and the environment by providing unparalleled opportunities to safely recreate in a native landscape. In the shifting shade of willows, by a lively chorus of birdsong, along a rippling blue reservoir, people will come together at Escondido Creek Parkway.

Escondido Creek is a modest ephemeral waterway that runs through the City of Kenedy in Karnes County, Texas. As a significant tributary in the southern basin of the San Antonio River Watershed, the San Antonio River Authority has shared a long history, since the 1950s, with the local leaders and citizenry to construct, operate and maintain thirteen dams within the creek’s watershed.

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