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The River Authority
Aug 07, 2020

The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) strives to keep the San Antonio River safe, clean, and enjoyable for the communities of Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad counties. There are many threats facing our creeks and rivers and it’s important for everyone to play an active role in protecting them for future generations.

The River Warriors are registered River Authority volunteers over the age of 15 who are inspired and energized by our work and want to support the health of the San Antonio River Basin by becoming ambassadors for the San Antonio River.

Interested in becoming a River Warrior? Learn more about the program and hear from some of our volunteers and their experiences.  

How do I register to be a River Warrior?

River Warrior volunteer participating in post storm event cleanup event

Visit the Volunteer page of the River Authority’s website to learn more about the River Warrior volunteer program, and after scrolling through the page, you can register at the bottom of the page. Once registered, you will receive opportunities via email to participate in virtual and in-person trainings as well as volunteer events such as post-storm event cleanups and plantings.

How do the volunteers contribute?

River Warrior volunteers taking part in post storm cleanup event along the river

They help with clean-ups on the Mission Reach after major storms. 

River Warrior volunteers taking part in tree planting event

They help with various ecosystem restoration activities like native plantings, invasive removal etc.    

River Warrior volunteers taking part in a training

They attend trainings and educational events to gain knowledge on green infrastructure strategies and other ways to become river protection ambassadors. 

River Warrior volunteers helping on the Mission Reach segment

They keep an eye out for and report graffiti and broken tree limbs as they frequent the Museum and Mission Reach trails to support our Watershed Parks Operations Team. They report any illegal dumping also picking up litter they see on the trails.

River Warrior volunteers participate in paddling cleanup event

They help advocate for the protection of our creeks and rivers by sharing resources so that many more people can learn how to contribute to the protection of the San Antonio River and its tributaries.

River Warriors Group Photo

They add observations to citizen science apps like iNaturalist and take part in River Authority Bio-blitz events.

River Warrior volunteers after an invasive species removal project

They respond to River Authority requests for volunteers as the need arises.

What’s it like to be a River Warrior?

The River Authority greatly values the support and contributions of our dedicated River Warriors! Read below from some of the River Authority’s dedicated volunteers.  

“I have really enjoyed being a River Warrior. I feel proud to know I had a hand in helping plant trees and shrubs that will be instrumental in bringing the river back to a natural state. I have also been glad to help clean up the river ways after major rains have washed trash down river. I’m very grateful to be able to play a small part in the beautification of this lovely city” - Laura Harris

“The River Authority is very organized and runs their projects smoothly.  Everyone is engaged in very worthwhile projects. The work is extremely satisfying” - Jarvis Brown

“The San Antonio River has been the foundation of the community here for thousands of years. We now know that this river reflects the health of our entire ecosystem, and how important it is to protect. It's amazing to see and be a part of what can be accomplished in just a few hours with River Authority staff and volunteers. On one morning in January, our volunteer group planted close to 500 native trees on the Mission Reach. These included bald cypress, pecan, and Mexican buckeye seedlings. It was such a fun, active way to spend a Saturday morning, meet new people, and do some good. I do believe the parents who brought their families out there are teaching the next generation the importance of appreciating and protecting the land we share, as well all living things we share it with” - Amanda Love

Are you ready to become a River Warrior? Sign up today!

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