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KARNES CITY, TX – The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) announced today that it is providing $60,000 in support of Karnes City’s current efforts to enhance the Karnes City Park. The financial support provided by the River Authority to Karnes City will fund the addition of new hike and bike trails at Karnes City Park. 

“The River Authority is pleased to support Karnes City as they seek to add amenities to the Karnes City Park,” said River Authority Karnes County Board Member, H.B. Ruckman, III. “The River Authority funds a variety of projects that provide benefits to residents throughout Karnes County, such as floodplain mapping, water quality monitoring, and household hazardous waste collections events. Providing funding for park enhancements is just another way the San Antonio River Authority works to keep area creeks and rivers safe, clean, and enjoyable.”

The River Authority has additional funding commitments to enhance other parks in Karnes County including the Falls City Veterans Park and the Escondido Creek Parkway project in Kenedy. Upon learning of these other park projects, Karnes City Mayor Leroy Skloss engaged in discussions with River Authority staff which lead to today’s announcement of funding support for the Karnes City Park.

“A casual conversation with San Antonio River Authority staff about the proposed walking trails at the City of Karnes City Park has turned into a $60,000 contribution from the River Authority,” said City of Karnes City Mayor Leroy Skloss. “I want to thank the River Authority board, staff, and in particular, our two Karnes County Board Members, Mr. Ruckman and Mr. Oehlke for their support of our park.”

River Authority Karnes County Board Member Gaylon Oehlke went on to say, “We have been doing a lot of great work with the soon to open Escondido Creek Parkway in Kenedy. We are very happy to reinvest additional local tax dollars into Karnes County by assisting with the improvements to the Karnes City Park.”

Providing connectivity and access to nature-based park resources is integral to the River Authority’s commitment to harmonize the needs of people and nature through our stewardship of rivers and land. To learn more about the River Authority’s parks and trails visit