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WHAT: Due to the persistent below freezing temperatures over the past few days, the public may see the presence of dead fish along the San Antonio River Walk. The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) Environmental Sciences Department is closely monitoring these sightings as part of their daily responsibilities. This is not a sign of poor water quality. Non-native tropical fish like blue tilapia and Plecostomus (suckermouth catfish) often cannot survive when water temperatures drop below 50 degrees (Fahrenheit). The freezing temperatures may also affect native species. The River Authority’s Watershed & Park Operations department will be working on removing any dead fish once conditions are deemed safe to do so.

The public is encouraged to report these sightings to the River Authority’s Environmental Investigations team online or by calling 866-345-7272. Visit the Public Services section at to learn more about our Environmental Investigations team and check out our Education section to learn more about the San Antonio River Basin.