Watershed Wise Rebate Highlight: LPA, Inc.

The River Authority
Apr 13, 2021

LPA Studio parking lot with bioretention features              

As part of our commitment to safe, clean, and enjoyable creeks and rivers the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) actively promotes the use of green infrastructure, a group of design practices which function like green space and natural areas to slow, detain, and filter stormwater. The design and installation of green infrastructure helps reduce local flooding and improves water quality.

The River Authority’s Watershed Wise Rebate Program rebates construction of on-site stormwater best management practices (BMPs), also called green infrastructure, to either new construction or a retrofit of existing property. Read along as we highlight one of the rebate recipients, architect firm, LPA, Inc. and learn how you can also get involved in protecting area creeks and rivers from stormwater runoff!

Rebate Recipient Highlights

Rain gutter directing rainwater into a bioretention (raingarden) at LPA Studio

Rain gutter directing rainwater into a bioretention (raingarden) at LPA Studio

LPA Inc. is a member of the SA 2030 District, which is a private-sector-led initiative intended to transform San Antonio’s urban core by supporting building owners and occupants in their efforts to reduce waste and increase building performance. The River Authority supports and is also a member of the SA 2030 District.

LPA transformed the property at 1811 South Alamo Street into a showpiece of sustainable innovation earning Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum by repurposing an existing building and components, adding solar panels to offset energy needed from the grid, and sustainably capturing rainfall to water its landscape. This retrofit mitigates over 44,000 gallons of stormwater runoff by capturing and treating it on-site during an average rain event. This was accomplished using a combination of cisterns to capture rooftop runoff and bioretention areas, like rain gardens, to capture and treat parking lot runoff. LPA was awarded a Watershed Wise Rebate to offset the cost of the green infrastructure BMP features that capture and treat over 335,500 gallons of stormwater runoff annually.

How can I get involved?

Rain Garden

The River Authority Environmental Center bioretention area includes a rain garden to help capture stormwater runoff

You can install similar green infrastructure BMPs at home. If your home has rain gutters and downspouts, you can retrofit a downspout to fill a rain barrel. That rain barrel can be allowed to slowly release into a planted area, or a rain garden. You can also install a rain garden without downspouts by looking for areas where rainwater flows through your yard! These actions allow rainwater to be captured and held and used as a resource on your property rather than running off and being wasted. Rain gardens planted with native vegetation can provide habitat for pollinators and birds, adding a natural amenity to your yard.

You can learn other ways to Be River Proud by visiting the River Authority’s Show Your River Pride webpage.