Virtual Education Tools

The River Authority
Jul 24, 2020

Looking for fun, educational activities for the whole family this summer?

As the community is directed to practice social distancing for their safety, the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) is coming up with innovative ways to educate and drive community appreciation for nature and the stewardship of our river. One of these programs is the River Camp! educational video series, which offers families free access to environmental and river education content for people of all ages.

Here are our top three River Camp! sessions to get you started!

Be a Citizen Scientist!

 The River Authority has a citizen science program that is part of a global community.  You can become a volunteer Citizen Scientist and start collecting important, research-grade data right now! No experience necessary. Simply use your smartphone to download and sign-up on for free! Once you're in, be sure to join San Antonio River Projects.

Neighborhood Connections

​​​​​Can a piece of litter from your neighborhood end up in the San Antonio River, even if you live 20 miles away? Absolutely! Learn how common land pollutants from neighborhoods such as litter, lawn chemicals, pet waste, and vehicle fluids, find their way to creeks and rivers after a rainstorm with a Do-It-Yourself model you can build in your kitchen.

River Pride – Being Watershed Wise

 ​​​​​​Keeping the land clean means that the San Antonio River can be safe, clean, and enjoyable for people and wildlife alike!  It is amazing how small actions from everyone can add up in such a profound and meaningful way to be a good steward of our environment.  Play a round of Bingo and see what it might take to be able check every box through your personal actions.