Trail Safety Tips

The River Authority
Jul 28, 2020

The San Antonio River Authority maintains more than 28 miles of hike and bike trails and over 45 miles of paddling trails throughout the San Antonio River Basin. We invite you to explore our parks and trails and while doing so, we want to remind you to do it with safety in mind. Check out some important safety tips below or to see our full list of trail and paddling safety tips, click here.

Please remember: Share the Trail and the River. Respect Other Users. Expect Other Users.

The River Authority encourages all who recreate along our public parks and trail systems to enjoy these safely. “Sharing the trail” means more than just having pedestrians and bicyclists giving each other enough space to recreate safely; “sharing the trail” also means for humans to respect the space of the other wildlife species which live in and along the river so that they, too, may safely thrive along the San Antonio River.

***In accordance to CDC guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, mask wearing and social distancing are strongly encouraged while on the trails.***

Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians along the Mission Reach segment

1) Stay to your right on the trail leaving room for others to pass you on your left.

2) Come prepared to enjoy the trail by wearing proper shoes and by bringing water and sunscreen.

Bike Safety

Cyclist on the Mission Reach segment

1) Pass on the left; let all others on the trail know you are approaching by calling out “rider(s) up on your left” and thank them after passing.

2)  Ride at a casual speed.

All Hike and Trail Users

Trail users on the Mission Reach Segment

1) If you are traveling in a group, do not block the entire trail; during times of heavy traffic, travel in single file.

2)  Dispose of trash properly.

Paddling Safety

Paddlers on the Mission Reach Paddling Trail

1)  Check weather and river conditions prior to paddling to ensure trails are safe to use.

2)  Proceed at your own risk. Plan your trip so that your paddling skills are equal to the water conditions

Sharing the Trail with Wildlife

Turtle on the San Antonio River

1)  Do not feed the wildlife.

2)  Keep your pets on a leash and pick up after your pet as well.

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