River Authority Spotlight: Planning & Project Management Team

The River Authority
Nov 05, 2021

The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) relies on the expertise of its engineers, scientists, technical, and specialized staff to carry out the agency’s commitment to safe, clean, enjoyable creeks and rivers. While you may see our staff from Watershed & Park Operations, Utilities, and Environmental Sciences departments out in the field performing work throughout the San Antonio River Basin, our agency also thrives thanks to the efforts of our Support Services staff who provide critical services that help support the River Authority’s financial, technological, and project management needs.

We continue to highlight the work of our Support Services staff in our blog, and next up is our Planning and Project Management Office (PPMO) team. Read along to learn more about their work and how their efforts support the success of our projects and initiatives!

PPMO Team Efforts

Planning & Project Management Team

The River Authority’s PPMO team is responsible for ensuring consistency in management and communication of all projects, efforts, and programs to reach organizational goals. PPMO provides guidance and standards for project management within the agency. PPMO staff support and work with all project management team members to implement projects from idea formation to successful close-out. The team works hard to keep all the projects and efforts on track as the River Authority has over 60 projects being implemented at any given time. The PPMO vets new projects and programs as they are added to ensure they are aligned with the agency’s mission and strategic goals.

As part of support services, PPMO staff always do their best to provide the best resources that project managers need to successfully complete projects like nature-based parks and trails, wastewater treatment plant improvements, and environmental studies.  As part of their most recent efforts, PPMO staff implemented a new web-based tool for project managers to oversee the scope and schedule of projects as well as collaborate with various team members throughout the River Authority. PPMO also developed a robust and dynamic internal management reporting system to have access to current project progress, issue and risk management, and communication on project elements. 

Learn More by Requesting a River Authority Community Presentation!

Planning & Project Management Presentation

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