Regional Flood Planning Update

The River Authority
Feb 16, 2021

As part of our commitment to safecleanenjoyable creeks and rivers, the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) promotes collaborations with local, regional, state, and federal governments and officials. By harnessing shared information, knowledge, and other resources, the River Authority can help communities plan more effectively and efficiently.

In 2019, the Texas State Legislature created a new regional flood planning process through Senate Bill 8 to better protect the lives and property of the people of Texas. For more than 80 years, cities and counties in the River Authority’s District, as well as the Federal government, have relied on our engineering and technical expertise in flood management and flood risk reduction. As a result of this long history of service in flood planning, we have been selected by the Texas Water Development Board to represent the river authorities interest category. Learn more about these groups and our role as part of this effort!

Regional Flood Planning Groups

With extensive stakeholder input, fifteen Regional Flood Planning Groups were created based on watersheds to develop regional flood plans that will assist in the creation of a State Flood Plan. Each regional planning group is made up of representatives from different interest groups including the public, counties, municipalities, industries, agricultural interests, environmental interests, small businesses, electric generating utilities, river authorities, water districts, and water utilities.

As the agency representing the river authorities category, we will work hard with our fellow planning group members to develop a regional flood plan that adequately provides for the protection of life and property without negatively affecting neighboring areas. The first regional flood plans will be due to the Texas Water Development Board in 2023 and every five years thereafter.

Additional Responsibilities

Picture of Scientists working with maps and data to mitigate flooding.

In addition to serving as a representative, the River Authority is proud to have been chosen as the Political Subdivision for the San Antonio Regional Flood Planning Group. As a science-based agency that is responsible for developing and maintaining the watershed modeling tools for partner agencies and the greater development community, the River Authority has cultivated the knowledge and understanding of the needs of the San Antonio Flood Planning area.

Currently, the Texas Water Development Board has accepted the River Authority’s application for grant funds to fund the 1st cycle of the Regional Flood Plan. We are currently in the procurement process for soliciting a technical consultant to assist in the development of the plan. The River Authority will work diligently to utilize our expertise in flood risk-management to continue to make the San Antonio River Basin and the State of Texas safe.