My River POV: Shawna Arroyo

The River Authority
Mar 23, 2021

The “My River POV” series provides readers the opportunity to learn about the unique insight and experiences of River Authority staff and their personal connection to the San Antonio River in hopes of inspiring stewardship of our creeks and rivers.

Shawna Arroyo

 Shawna Arroyo, User Services Manager

Growing up I was not afforded the opportunity to access green spaces and area creeks and rivers. As a new resident to San Antonio for the past three years, I have had the liberty to experience many activities the city has to offer. Before joining the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority), I was working in higher education and did not have a clear understanding of the importance of the river and its impact on the environment. What I did know, is that it helped economic growth and attracted many people from across the country. 

Paddlers on the Mission Reach Paddling Trail on the San Antonio River Walk

It was clear that I took for granted what it takes to help ensure our ecosystem is healthy and safe. Throughout these past few years, the river has taught me to be more proactive in my actions. Picking up and throwing away trash appropriately, recycling more than just water bottles, and properly disposing certain household items like used coffee grinds are all important lessons. I have also been able to kayak along the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River Walk as part of my family outings. Seeing so many other families participating and enjoying the recreational amenities along the river brings a sense of celebration and it makes me proud that the River Authority has been able to offer this opportunity to the community at large.

Museum Reach River of Lights 30 ft. Musical Holiday Tree at the Lock & Dam.

Walking by the river on the Museum Reach of the San Antonio River Walk during the holiday season and seeing the lights is also a great sight to experience. My family and I have gone every year and are still in awe of how much it truly lights up the city. Seeing the art installations along the Museum Reach (which were funded by the River Authority’s non-profit partner, the San Antonio River Foundation) also holds a special place in my heart as I have enjoyed various pieces like the F.I.S.H. installation and The Grotto. All these artwork pieces showcase how the River Authority and its partners seek to be involved with the community and draw attention to how important it is to introduce culture along the river. 

Keeping our rivers safe, clean, enjoyable has become the pillar that helps guide my position as User Services Manager. I can assist all employees to stay connected and engaged with technology. I show my river pride through my work - whether it’s implementing new software, issuing newer technology, or assisting employees with getting the access they need. As part of team who works with scientists, engineers, field and office staff, technicians, and many others who help contribute to protect the ecosystem, I am thrilled for the opportunity to work with many great people who also appreciate all that the San Antonio River has to offer!

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