My River POV: Jennifer Crocker

The River Authority
Jun 18, 2021

The “My River POV” series provides readers the opportunity to learn about the unique insight and experiences of the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) staff and their personal connection to the San Antonio River in hopes of inspiring stewardship of our creeks and rivers.

River Authority's Accounting and Budget Services Manager Jennifer Crocker

Jennifer Crocker, CPA, CMA, MBA, Accounting and Budget Services Manager

Originating from Georgia, the land of peaches and peanuts, my love of water was nurtured by the numerous lakes, rivers, and not so distant beaches available for spring and summer activities. After living in six other states and Germany, Texas has been home for the past 21 years. Water is such a precious resource all over the world, particularly in this semi-arid region of the U.S. So, I am thankful for organizations that strive not only to protect and preserve water, but also improve water quality.

San Antonio River on the King William District

I visited San Antonio a handful of times before I moved here in 2013. These earlier visits included a couple of outings to the San Antonio River Walk. I always thought the downtown loop was the only part to the River Walk. That changed when I started working at the River Authority in 2016. Clearly, I learned more about the agency by working here, but I also learned there is so much more to the San Antonio River than just the River Walk. Whether it is San Pedro Creek Culture Park, the Museum Reach and Mission Reach of the San Antonio River Walk, Helton Nature Park or the SASPAMCO Paddling Trail, there are several locations throughout the San Antonio River Basin which offer a variety of ways to enjoy our precious river.

View of San Antonio River from River Authority's main offices

Even after almost five years at the River Authority, I learn or see something new more often than I can count. The view from my office window, as you can see in the picture above, provides daily inspiration for me as part of the Support Services team that helps our dedicated staff carry out the River Authority’s commitment to safe, clean, and enjoyable creeks and rivers. The view also makes me wonder about all the folks strolling around, jogging, running, fishing, riding bikes, paddle boarding, etc. out there while I’m working. I hope they are enjoying the river as much as I enjoy working for it, and for them. I could not be prouder of the transformational environmental work our team provides with tangible humility!

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