The Most-Viewed Blogs in 2022

The River Authority
Jan 20, 2023

Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes

Happy New Year, San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) blog subscribers! Twice a week, we enjoy bringing you exciting information about the San Antonio River Watershed (also known as the San Antonio River Basin), the people and organisms that call it home, and the River Authority’s many ongoing projects and events. We’re celebrating a new year of blogs by recapping the Top 5 Most-Viewed Blogs in 2022! Read below to learn more about our local, precious freshwater resources!

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#1 Giant apple snails found in the San Antonio River

Split image of Apple snail adults next to egg sack

What are apple snails, and why are they threatening the San Antonio River? In this blog, learn more about this invasive species, what the River Authority is doing to address its presence, and ways you can help by joining the River Warriors!

#2 Don’t Dump Your Aquarium in the River

Plecostomus (Hypostomus Plecostomus)

This popular blog was viewed over 800 times! Featuring two invasive species causing harm to the ecosystems of the San Antonio River Watershed, this blog shares what you can do to help prevent the spread of these species in our waterways.

#3 San Antonio River Paddling Essentials

Paddler races through river during paddling race series.

Do you know what to pack on your next paddling trip down the San Antonio River? In this blog, hear from our Recreation Team experts as they share resources, tips, and safety considerations to help you plan the perfect paddling excursion!

#4 The San Antonio River Tunnel: Protecting Downtown San Antonio

The San Antonio River Tunnel

Did you know about the giant tunnel underneath downtown San Antonio? Read along to learn about the engineering marvel that is the San Antonio River Tunnel—how it works, where it is located, and how it has helped protect people and property from damaging floods for over twenty years.

#5 Be River Proud: Alligators in the San Antonio River!?

Alligator peering above the water

Find the answer to this question and more as we follow two San Antonio residents in their kayaking journey down the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River Walk Paddling Trail. You’ll also learn how to share your river experiences with us and potentially end up in a future blog!