Be River Proud! Volunteer Apple Snail Removal Efforts

The River Authority
Aug 17, 2021
Be River Proud

The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) staff is committed to safe, clean, enjoyable creeks and rivers but we need YOU to help us protect and preserve area natural resources for future generations. One action you can take is to join the River Authority and the San Antonio River Foundation by becoming a River Warrior. This program aims to build a volunteer community that supports and strives toward healthy waterways for the benefit of the flora, fauna, and people of the San Antonio River Basin. There are many other ways you can get involved and Be River Proud! We want to highlight your positive actions, so please share with us pictures or videos of you and your loved ones on social media using #BeRiverProud. Once a month, we’ll feature your stories on our blog.

This month, we’re highlighting the removal efforts of the invasive species Apple Snail (Pomacea sp.) by the River Authority’s River Warriors volunteer group. Trends show that invasive species multiply during warmer weather. With the help of the River Warriors, we continue to work hard to eradicate this voracious species from the San Antonio River Basin.

Volunteer Removal Efforts

River Warrior apple snail removal

Experienced River Warriors are encouraged to participate on kayaks if they own one

Upon completion of a 30-minute virtual training with River Authority staff, the River Warriors set off either by foot or kayak with the appropriate tools to remove this species. These tools include gloves, scrapers, trash pickers, and a notebook to record location and sightings. While the bright pink egg cases and adult apple snails are not hard to find, they are oftentimes hard to reach. River Warriors on kayaks can reach areas, like plants further into the water, to remove them.

Let’s dive into the numbers! Data shows a total of 8,702 egg cases and 1,454 adults have been removed from the San Antonio River since April 7, 2021. Of these totals, the River Warriors have cumulatively dispatched a total of 256 apple snails and an astounding 1,371 egg cases. “Having the River Warriors out there on the water, as much as they have been, has been a tremendous help,” said Chris Vaugh, Senior Aquatic Biologist.

Apple snail egg cases


Out of our trained volunteers, Thomas Rodgers has removed the most egg cases and adult snails on his kayak as part of our volunteer efforts. Thank you, Thomas, for being river proud and for your stewardship of the San Antonio River!

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