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Utilities Development Advisory Committee (UDAC)


The purpose of the Utilities Development Advisory Committee (UDAC) is to promote sustainable development within the water and wastewater service areas of the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority).  As required by Title 12, Subtitle C of the Texas Local Government Code, the UDAC will advise and assist the River Authority with the adoption, implementation, review, and updates of its land use assumptions, capital improvements plan (CIP), impact fees, and other development-related fees and charges.

2020 Martinez IV Service Area Wastewater Land Use Assumptions and CIP report

2023 Meetings

October 3, 2023, at Noon - Hybrid
2024 dates coming soon!
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The UDAC will be co-chaired by two individuals appointed by the River Authority Board of Directors (Board) upon recommendation of the River Authority Operations Committee (Operations Committee).  The appointed co-chairs will serve to ensure that processes are observed to include, but are not limited to, consensus, roll-call for decisions, and meeting management norms. One appointed co-chair will represent ratepayers, and the other will represent real estate, development, or building industries. The co-chairs will confer with River Authority facilitators regularly before the meetings. These positions will require additional time commitments than the general committee membership.

Committee Membership

The committee will have a maximum of 11 members, but no less than 5.

No less than 40 percent of the UDAC membership must be representatives of the real estate, development, or building industries who are not employees or officials of a political subdivision or government entity.

The UDAC must have at least three ratepayers representing the River Authority’s Salitrillo and SARA Wastewater systems. In accordance with the criteria listed above, and to ensure stakeholder group diversity, the members of the UDAC will include representatives from the following stakeholder groups:

Stakeholder Group

Number of Stakeholders

Ratepayers 3
Real Estate 1
Building Industry 2
Developers 2
At Large 3



Member Duties 

UDAC Procedural Rules