Salitrillo WWTP


The Salitrillo Wastewater Treatment Plant services approximately 17,000 connections. The Salitrillo plant began operations in 1966 with an average daily flow of 3.96 MGD and a permitted flow of 5.83 MGD.

Construction Updates on Plant Expansion

Construction updates will be provided approximately every 2 weeks

December 20, 2021 – Update
• Construction started approximately December 2021
• Measures have been taken and installed to prevent construction debris and sediment from entering the creek through stormwater runoff.
• First phase of temporary construction fencing has been installed and second phase installation will be completed this week.
• Topsoil in the area of the future berm has been removed and stockpiled. The topsoil will be replaced after the new berm is completed. This is done because topsoil is best suited for new vegetation to establish roots.
• Construction is expected to last through Fall 2023

Please contact us for any further questions.

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