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Wastewater Billing Information

The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) evaluates its sewer fees annually to ensure the continued success and service of the wastewater utility enterprise. The River Authority Board of Directors adopts the sewer fees in June and changes typically take effect on July 1. As a result, retail customers will see the new rates beginning with their July bill. Monthly billing services are provided on behalf of the River Authority by local water purveyors. 

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Sewer Billing Frequently Asked Questions

The River Authority establishes annual wastewater charges for service based on customer winter averages, operations and maintenance costs, capital projects, and debt service. The calculation for the monthly rate is the following:

(Winter Average x Variable Rate) / 1,000 gallons + Fixed Rate


Winter Average

The winter average is the computed average of the monthly metered water consumption for three consecutive billing periods that fall between November 15 and March 15. Since water is mostly used indoors during the cooler months, and likely ends up processed at a River Authority treatment plant through the sewer system, this serves as the basis for winter averaging. Customers who do not have a winter record of water usage established are billed a system average. Since the River Authority contracts with multiple water purveyors for billing services, please refer to your individual bill to see your billing cycle.

Here is an example below:

Sample Winter Average bill calculation document statement.



The variable rate is calculated by taking the operating and maintenance cost to transport, treat, and dispose of wastewater and dividing it by the projected number of gallons of wastewater treated. Operating costs include personnel, supplies, contracted services, and regulatory assessment fees. The variable rate is applied to every 1,000 gallons. 



The minimum fixed rate is calculated by spreading the capital costs across all customers. This rate recovers capital equipment costs, expenditures for capital improvement projects, and annual debt repayment.  The debt repayment covers the annual payment for monies borrowed for major capital improvement projects such as wastewater treatment plant expansions. For more information on the River Authority’s debt obligations click here.

For all other users, not single-family residential, the customer is charged per 1,000 gallons of metered water consumption each month. The rate charged recovers the customers share of operations and maintenance costs, capital projects, and debt service.

Retail wastewater service consists of collection and treatment services provided to the ultimate customer for compensation. Wholesale wastewater service consists of collection and treatment services on behalf of another entity who is not the ultimate consumer of the services.

The River Authority provides retail wastewater service to portions of eastern/northeast Bexar County, the City of San Antonio, and the City of Converse. Wholesale wastewater service is provided to the cities of Converse, Live Oak, Schertz, Universal City, and Green Valley Special Utility District.

Who can I contact for sewer billing questions?

Please contact the River Authority Utilities Department at (210) 302-4200 for sewer billing questions.

Local water purveyors bill River Authority customers on behalf of the River Authority. For non-sewer related questions please contact your water purveyor. See contact information below for the individual water purveyors.


Retail Customers

East Central Special Utility District
Fax (210) 649-2383
[email protected]

San Antonio Water System
(210) 704 -SAWS (7297)
[email protected]


Wholesale Customers

City of Converse
(210) 658-1965
[email protected]

City of Live Oak
(210) 653-9140

City of Schertz
(210) 619-1100
[email protected]

City of Universal City
(210) 619-0711
[email protected]

Green Valley Special Utility District
(830) 914-2330
Fax (830) 420-4138