Utilities Martinez IV

Utilities Development Resources

Utilities Development Resources

Development Service Application Process Flow Chart


For more information regarding development with the River Authority service area please call 210-302-4200 or email your questions to UtilitiesDevelopment@sariverauthority.org

Forms & Resources

Utility Service Regulations (USR)

Technical Specifications for Utilities Construction

WW System Design Standards

Record Drawing Request

Development Service Application 

*Expedited Service Application fee: $5,000

*Expedited Plan Review fee: $1,000 per review

Utility Service Agreement 

Variance Request Form

GIS Standards - Please refer to the downloadable resources located at the bottom of the page for templates and guidance.

Field Acceptance Checklist

Valuation of Assets Guidance

Service Area Maps

Upper Martinez

Martinez II

Martinez IV


San Antonio River Authority Entire CCN

San Antonio River Authority Service Areas (All) 

Connection Fee Information

Salitrillo Wastewater System

  • Salitrillo Wholesale system - $3,250 per EDU
  • Salitrillo Retail system - $3,250 per EDU

SARA Wastewater System

  • Upper Martinez service area - $3,250 per EDU
  • Martinez II service area - $3,250 per EDU
  • Martinez IV service area - $4,000 per EDU


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Utilities Development Inspection Request Form
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