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Classroom Presentations

There are limited slots available for our classroom presentations. If you are interested, please continue reading and leave your information below.

Virtual & In-Person Classroom Presentations

We may schedule a limited number of virtual or in-person classroom presentations this school year for students in Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad counties. Teachers are expected to be a part of the experience with supervision and direction. TEKS alignments for all presentations are available upon request.

Please fill out a Classroom Presentation Request Form below. Rest assured we have your information, and we will contact you when a slot becomes available.

Reservation Policy
  • Classroom presentations must be requested at least three (3) weeks in advance.
  • Requests are pending until processed with confirmed dates by River Authority staff.
  • Confirmations and other important presentation details including pre- and post-presentation activities will be sent to the email address provided in the initial request.
Cancellation Policy
  • If your group is running late, the River Authority cannot guarantee that all activities will occur as originally planned.
  • In the event that unforeseeable circumstances prevent the presentation to proceed as planned, the River Authority will contact the presentation organizer as soon as possible.
  • A rescheduled presentation is not guaranteed.

We look forward to helping your students and school community learn more about their San Antonio River! To help us successfully schedule these presentations, please submit only one request for your entire grade level.

Classroom Presentation Request Form

Name of Organizer



School Address

Presentation Scheduling

What presentation subject would you prefer (select one)?

Presentation Subjects
Our most popular presentation that is appropriate for grades 3-12 groups. This TEKS aligned, interactive lesson addresses the geography of the river, landforms, watersheds, nonpoint source pollution, and actions that can protect water resources.
Specifically aligned for 5th grade TEKS, this interactive lesson provides information on water erosion, watersheds, runoff, weathering, and human actions that can increase or decrease erosion along the San Antonio River.
High school students will learn about the San Antonio River watershed, non-point source pollution, various water quality testing parameters like temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, nitrates and phosphates, and how human activity and environmental changes impact water quality.
This presentation, tailored to the TEKS in grades 1-5, explores the topic by engaging students in a hands-on experience with free individual activity kits Students will be guided through what a food chain or food web is and will participate in making their own.
River Authority educators would like to work with your students in class-sized groups of approximately 25 students or fewer to maximize learning outcomes. We are happy to stay for multiple classes.
Are you interested in a virtual or in-person classroom presentation?
If virtual, what platform would you prefer to use?