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The River Authority education team’s mission is to inspire citizens of all ages to take action in their communities towards the stewardship and sustainability of the San Antonio River and its tributaries. Our team aims to accomplish this mission by utilizing the best environmental education practices and tools necessary for students of all ages to create and carry forward their own innovative environmental best practices. 

At the River Authority, we have our finger on the pulse of the San Antonio River’s needs to provide the information you require to make decisions in helping sustain a healthy river for generations to come. The River Authority's education pages help citizens explore the San Antonio River Watershed, the critical importance of river systems, fresh water resources, water quality science and aquatic ecosystems.

Educators are welcome to utilize the River Authority curriculum. It has been designed to challenge students to consider what is necessary for good stewardship of the watershed. Our curriculum allows students to create solutions to local problems and inspires them to take voluntary action against those problems. The River Authority’s educators further guide the education community by providing teacher professional development that is fully supported with Texas State Board Education Credits. Our professional development offers hands-on, engaging tools and curricula to take back to the classroom. The River Authority invites you to peruse our education web pages to learn more about the San Antonio River and how to request free presentations. Please share the website with everyone you know!