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The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) contracted with the University of Texas as San Antonio (UTSA) to house its archive at the Special Collections of the UTSA Libraries to help commemorate the agency’s 75th Anniversary and to make the agency’s archive materials easy to access by the public. Historical research materials in the collection include photographs and documentation of the flood of 1921, as well as reports, project materials, blue prints, correspondence, maps, surveys, minutes, photographs, newspaper clippings and publications, including River Authority newsletters, magazines and brochures. The River Authority's oral history collection is also housed within the archives at UTSA. The oral history collection is made up of over 30 recordings made by River Authority board and staff, as well as key stakeholders, all sharing their institutional knowledge about specific past and present River Authority projects. The River Authority’s archive program is continuous and is updated every six months.

The River Authority’s online finding aid and digital collections can be found at the Special Collections of the UTSA Libraries or by visiting:

A Guide to the San Antonio River Authority Records

UTSA Digital Collections - San Antonio River Authority