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Join the San Antonio River Authority for our Museum Reach River of Lights event! 

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Show your pride. Learn more about preserving, protecting and experiencing our river.

Explore our website for a deeper dive into the bounty of natural, recreational, cultural and family opportunities waiting for you along the 240-mile course of the San Antonio River.

Learning Modules

Explore the San Antonio River Basin in new ways and uncover the vital role our rivers play in our daily lives. From the risk of floods to recreational activities, from delicate individual ecosystems to overall river health, there are countless stories to be told.

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Residents, schools, and businesses of the San Antonio River Basin are using nature based solutions to slow and filter excess rainwater to reduce flooding and improve water quality in our streams and rivers. The San Antonio River Basin Interactive Green Infrastructure Map provides a place to share Green Infrastructure projects funded by the San Antonio River Authority, access resources and learn how you can participate. All projects are built using methods and materials according to the San Antonio River Basin Low Impact Development Technical Design Guidance Manual. Together, we are all making a difference.

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Flood Risk
What is the most dangerous of natural disasters for South Texas? Many would be shocked to find that it is flooding! Flooding can result in a large loss of life and property, So, what can we do to prevent it? Learn how The River Authority and its partners are working to meet the challenge of protecting people, property, and the natural environment from flooding through planning and preparedness.

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River Health
There are many ways to determine the health of a river. The San Antonio River Authority and its scientists perform water quality monitoring, biological and habitat assessments throughout the San Antonio River Basin to keep tabs on the condition of this important ecoregion.

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Parks & Trails
There is an emerald heart in South Texas that beats to a rhythm of exploration, tranquility and adventure. Your San Antonio River has that pulse, and the San Antonio River Authority is inviting you to discover every facet of this gem’s green spaces, flowing waters and cultural heritage.

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What is an ecosystem? And how does the San Antonio River serve as an important habitat corridor supporting numerous native plants, migratory birds and other wildlife?

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Bays & Estuaries
Bays and estuaries are a vital part of our natural world. They act as barriers for storms, safe havens for migratory birds, nurseries for aquatic life, a food source and protection for wildlife, and much more. Because the San Antonio River flows 240-miles down to the Texas Coast, the health of our river has a direct effect on these coastal wetlands.

Virtual Tour

Follow along the San Antonio River’s 240 mile journey from its underground origins all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. This virtual tour will show off the river’s diverse wildlife and rich history as it passes by Spanish missions and winds through the ranches and coastal plains of South Texas.

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