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Concerned about litter and other pollutants in creeks and rivers within the San Antonio River Basin? Want to learn more and take action?

Check out the various ways you can get involved at the San Antonio River Authority and Be River Proud.

No Wipes in the Pipes
Get Informed!

Watch this video on how you can support the River Authority’s anti-trash initiative and contribute greatly from your own spaces. 

Sign up your group for a virtual or in-person educational presentation to learn more about the River Authority’s efforts to mitigate trash pollution in the San Antonio River Basin.

Community Presentation

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Take Action!
Download the free Litterati app

Document the litter you pick up. By joining the San Antonio River Authority’s Litterati Challenge, your efforts to pick up trash will have a positive impact on area creeks and rivers and your Litterati observations will help establish sound data that can be used to better address trash issues at their source. Plus, by using the Litterati app when you pick up trash, you’ll have an opportunity to win great prizes…maybe you’ll even win the River Authority’s TOP LITTERATI CONTRIBUTER AWARD at the 2022 River Symposium!

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Register for the River Authority's River Warrior Volunteer Program

Join other dedicated volunteers at clean-up events to support the health of area creeks and rivers and attend River Warrior educational events and trainings to learn more about how you can help preserve and protect the San Antonio River Basin.


Thank you for your interest in our River Warrior Volunteer Program!
We are currently moving to a new volunteer management system to better serve you.
Please leave an email with us, and we will email you our new system to sign up, soon!

No Wipes in the Pipes
Be Sustainable

Learn more about sustainability and other actions you can take to support a resilient community, like build a rain garden to slow down, spread out, and soak in rainfall to help keep pollution before it reaches area creeks and rivers.

Volunteer Toolkit

Use our toolkit to register, organize, and lead your own community trash clean-ups.

Volunteer Toolkit

River Warrior Volunteers in Action!
Paddling Trash Clean Up
Confluence Park Vegetation Clean Up
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