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Be a Proud RIVER WARRIOR Volunteer!

Welcome and thank you for your interest in being part of the joint volunteer program of the San Antonio River Authority and the San Antonio River Foundation. This program aims to build a volunteer community that supports and strives toward healthy waterways for the benefit of the flora, fauna, and people on the San Antonio River Watershed.

River Warrior Volunteers in Action!
Paddling Trash Clean Up
Confluence Park Vegetation Clean Up
River Warriors Group Photo
River  Warriors Group2

Who are the River Warriors?

  • River Warrior volunteers are River Proud constituents of the San Antonio River Watershed, ages 15 years and above, who love rivers and believe in the San Antonio River Authority’s mission of safe, clean and enjoyable creeks and rivers.
  • Warriors are interested to learn more about watersheds, ecology and sustainable practices to help rivers, and they dream of a vibrant, thriving river and watershed for the future generations.
  • Warriors know that together we can make a difference and so they strive and donate their time and energies to achieve our shared vision.

If any of the above resonates with you, come join our generous and passionate community of volunteers. We would love to meet you and welcome you to our volunteer team.

How do the River Warriors help the San Antonio River and community?

  • River Warrior volunteers help the River Authority’s Watershed Park Operations team with ecosystem restoration activities like planting native grasses and trees, removing invasive species, pruning, mulching trees and helping maintain native habitats at Confluence Park on the Mission Reach.
  • River Warriors respond to post-storm volunteer requests from the River Authority Park team and they help with litter pickup on the river banks and in the river.
  • River Warriors supports our sustainability efforts at River Authority and River Foundation events and spearhead individual neighborhood clean-ups.
  • River Warriors help spread our ‘Safe, Clean and Enjoyable’ message through educational field trips support and social media engagement.
  • River Warriors attend trainings and take part in educational events to gain knowledge on Low Impact Development (LID) strategies like building rain gardens and become river protection ambassadors.

What are the requirements to be a RIVER WARRIOR?

  • Sport a love for the San Antonio River and a passion for the outdoors
  • Be age 15 years or older
  • Sign up for the River Warrior program
  • Be required to sign a liability waiver for program activities
  • This program is free and open to anyone living in the San Antonio River Watershed.

*No minimum annual volunteer hour requirements to be a River Warrior.

 What do I gain?

  • An opportunity to make a difference for the river, watershed and the community.
  • Learn new skills, like how to build a raingarden, contribute to citizen science, how to maintain native habitats for native species and many others.
  • Gain special leadership opportunities and awards for maximum volunteer hours.
  • Gain access to San Antonio River Authority and San Antonio River Foundation trainings, networking opportunities and special events.
  • Connect with others who also have a passion to support our cause.
  • Receive River Warrior T-shirts and other free swag.
  • Bring your most authentic, joyful self and build a vibrant social network.
  • Be part of a dedicated, giving and passionate RIVER WARRIOR volunteer community.


  • Volunteer events organized by the River Authority count as community service hours. Please confirm with school/organization prior to event and bring forms to be signed at the end of the event. 
  • Registered volunteers will receive between 2-3 emails in a month with information regarding upcoming volunteer events, trainings, River Authority updates and photos and recaps from past events.
  • Up to two River Warrior volunteer opportunities are organized monthly and will typically last between two to four hours, weekdays or weekends.

How can I join the RIVER WARRIOR volunteer program?

Fill the form below to receive bimonthly emails with updates and volunteer opportunities