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Environmental Sciences

Environmental Sciences

The Environmental Science Department (ESD) provides research, data gathering, scientific assessment and environmental coordination functions for the San Antonio River Authority. ESD evaluates water and stormwater quality; provides environmental planning and pollution prevention; identifies resource protection and promotes ecosystem restoration, instream and environmental flow needs. The department evaluates public health issues and provides public outreach. Services provided by ESD are: water quality/environmental monitoring, laboratory operations, quality assurance, data management and data assessments, stormwater monitoring.

Water Quality Data

The San Antonio River Authority’s Environmental Sciences Department, along with its partners, conduct water quality monitoring, biological community and habitat assessments throughout the San Antonio River Watershed.This data is submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), and is used to assess whether streams are meeting their designated use(s). The SARA Regional Environmental Laboratory, a TCEQ Accredited Laboratory, conducts analysis of the surface water samples. Biological and Habitat Assessments are completed by the Watershed Monitoring Aquatic Biologists. The data can be viewed and downloaded through a Geographic Information System (GIS) application. Click here to review and download data via the Water Quality Data Viewer.

Water Quality Viewer

The River Authority also tracks the bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli) throughout the San Antonio River Watershed , and created this dashboard to display multiple visualizations of the most current monitoring station information. This bacteria is frequently introduced to our waterways after a rain storm from the bacteria on pet waste that has not been disposed of properly. Monitoring bacteria loads helps people understand the health of the creeks and river before they recreate.  Click here to view the Water Quality Bacteria Dashboard.