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The Regional Parks Coordination Council (RPCC) of the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) was established in 2008 by the River Authority Board of Directors.  It serves  as a comprehensive public participation group that reviews and provides input to the San Antonio River Basin Plan for Nature Based Park Resources.  The River Authority aims for the group to be a community regional assistance program to foster the development of community cohesion and coordination in improving public parks, outdoor recreation opportunities that promote wellness, natural and cultural resource conservation, and ecotourism.

The coordinating council can have a maximum of 12 members, 3 members from each county in the River Authority’s political jurisdiction of Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad Counties.

The RPCC has accomplished the following:

  • Provided a forum for exchange and cooperation among the 4-counties and dissemination of pertinent information to the community.
  • Established community contact that assisted River Authority to meet its parks obligations.
  • Secured formal approval of the San Antonio River Basin Plan for Nature Based Park Resources by several local governments in Goliad, Karnes, and Wilson County.
  • Contributed to the Master Plan update by assisting in the revision process.
  • Contributed to developing a system of way finding signage in conjunction with Texas Department of Transportation (TXDot).
  • Assisted in securing community input into the pitch books created as part of implementation of the revised Master Plan.
  • Assisted River Authority staff with programs and events in respective counties.
  • Assisted secure of local support for film celebrating River Authority’s history.
  • Assisted in River Authority’s park naming process.
  • Assisted NPS with updates to El Camino Real Historic Trail information
  • Assisted in securing way-finding signage for El Camino Real Historic Trail in Goliad County
  • Assisted in updating Angel of Goliad trail signage in Goliad, Texas.
  • Coordinated local training opportunities for National Association for Interpretation (NAI) Certified Interpretive Guides for community members.
  • Coordinated several successful Park Forums to educate and inform communities and groups about park related topics happening in the San Antonio River Basin.


Regional Parks Coordination Council
County Organization (Appointed By)  Council Member(s)
Bexar Land Heritage Institute Peggy Oppelt

SA Missions National Historic Park

Christine Jacobs

Allison Young
Bexar COSA Natural Areas Interim - Gilbert Martinez
Goliad Canoe Trail Goliad Wilfred Korth
Goliad Goliad State Park Jared Ramirez
Goliad VACANCY  
Karnes Karnes Chamber of Commerce Mely Martinez
Karnes Kenedy Parks Board

Suzanne Nunez

Alicia Sandoval  

Otto Kaiser Memorial Hospital

Barbara James
Wilson City of La Vernia Yvonne Griffin

Trail de Flores Chapter El Camino Real de los Tejas National Historical Trail Assn

Clay Maeckel
Wilson Stockdale Economic Development Corp Banks Akin


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