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The San Antonio River Authority is a long-time user and advocate of Geographic Information Science/Systems (GIS) technology and solutions and continually strives to enhance and promote GIS within the agency and community. Learn more about the GIS resources that are currently available from the San Antonio River Authority by exploring the viewers and information featured here.

Questions? Be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of the page.

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Agency Interactive Viewers

Whether you are sitting at a desk or strolling along the River Walk, interactive GIS viewers are capable of displaying large amounts of data in an attractive, engaging, and user-friendly format. It’s easy to understand why they are a popular tool among GIS users of all skillsets! Learn more about the various projects and initiatives led by or involving the San Antonio River Authority by exploring the viewers featured below. 

Floodplain Viewer

This application provides basic information about the various floodplains located throughout Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad Counties. The data used in the application was collected by San Antonio River Authority and its partners.

Risk MAP Viewer

The Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning (Risk MAP) Viewer provides communities with updated flood hazard information and risk assessment tools they can use to enhance their mitigation plans to better protect their citizens. This viewer was produced in coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Water Quality Viewer

The Water Quality Viewer displays the monitoring efforts for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Clean Rivers Program and summarizes how the water quality in the San Antonio River Basin compares to the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards (TSWQS) using the latest TCEQ Integrated Report assessment.

Bacteria Dashboard

The River Authority tracks the bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli) throughout the San Antonio River Watershed , and created this dashboard to display multiple visualizations of the most current monitoring station information.

Watershed Master Plan Viewer

The Watershed Master Plan (WSMP) Viewer displays data produced in the various Master Plan reports, as well as other useful reference data. It is intended to be used as a visualization tool to assist the public, stakeholders, and decision-makers in understanding both watershed issues and potential solutions. 

SA Tomorrow Viewer

This application allows users to explore the geography and infrastructural characteristics of the many Regional Centers and Community Areas that are outlined in the
SA Tomorrow Comprehensive Plan.

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GIS Open Data
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Contact Us

Should you have any comments or questions, please contact the GIS Team. We’re here to help! Please keep in mind that the GIS Team does not provide any GIS or CAD-related training or tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I live in a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) flood zone?

Great question! The RiskMAP Viewer is a great tool to view where your personal property is located in relation to FEMA-designated flood zones and hazard areas. In addition, the Floodplain Viewer can provide valuable insight on local and regional flood hazards.

For more data and information concerning flood zones, please refer to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Map Service Center website.

Can I request data from the River Authority?

Yes! Please visit our open data website, ExploreSARA, to view the data that is currently available for download. If you don’t find what you need on ExploreSARA, please submit a data request and the GIS Team will contact you shortly.

Where can I find LIDAR data that’s available for download?

Select LIDAR data is available for download on our open data LIDAR portal. If you are in need of data that is not featured on the portal, please submit a data request and the GIS Team will contact you shortly. If we have the data that you are requesting, we will require you to drop off an external hard drive of at least 2TB at our Environmental Center office location.

What is the elevation of my property?

Select elevation and terrain contour information for Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad Counties is provided on our open data LIDAR portal.

I’m an engineer looking for H&H models and data related to FEMA DFIRM. Where do I go?

Please go to The River Authority’s Digital Data and Modeling Repository (D2MR) website. There is a general viewer to see where data is available, but a login is required to download it. Simply register on the homepage if you do not have a username and password.