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Watershed Wise Rebate

This program rebates construction of on-site stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to either new construction or a retrofit of existing property. The rebate program is available in Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad counties. BMPs must be designed using the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority) San Antonio River Basin Low Impact Development Technical Guidance Manual (SARB LID Technical Manual). In order to apply, projects need to have a minimum reimbursement request of $15,000. Unit volume rebate amount is dependent on the BMP type.


Scoring Rubric

We recommend you meet with San Antonio River Authority stormwater staff to discuss your application before it is submitted.

Map of High Priority Areas (PDF) 

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Rebate Details
  • Rebate limits per project: Minimum $15,000
  • No limit on number of BMPs per project; Limit of one application per project
  • Rebate only for construction of BMPs according to SARB LID Technical Design Manual
  • BMPs must use design process from SARB LID Technical Design Manual
  • Rebate is proportional to runoff volume from 1.5” storm (1.18" storm for redevelopment)
  • Rebate is calculated, based on unit rates (refer to page 3)
  • Open to public, private or environmental non-profit projects in Bexar, Wilson, Karnes or Goliad counties
  • Private residences and required permitted BMPs are ineligible
  • Application must meet requirement for % treated volume (60% of the runoff from all new impervious areas)
  • Rebate Agreement signed by landowner required; covers operations and maintenance
  • Rebate funds are issued after 2-step verification: Approval in writing of Construction Documents and Project Completion Inspection
  • The San Antonio River Authority reserves the right to correct rebate calculation errors if they occur
  • Project must be complete by June 30, 2022
  • Rebate is payable to landowner only

The application consists of three parts. All three parts must be submitted in order for your application to be complete, and reviewed by the River Authority.

  1. Watershed Wise Rebate Application
  2. Project Map and Cross-section Details (See "Checklist" section below)
  3. Download the Stormwater BMP Rebate Worksheet 

Application, project map, cross-section details and worksheet must be submitted by email here before the rebate deadline. Include Watershed Wise Rebate in subject line.

Project Map and Cross-Section Details
  • Research LID and BMPs from the SARB LID Technical Guidance Manual
  • Use the SARB LID Technical Manual to develop an LID-based site plan (refer to pg.11 of manual)
  • Use the SARB LID Technical Manual to select, size and place LID BMPs
  • Develop a project map including the following:
    1. 1. Property boundary and total area
    2. 2. New impervious areas (eg. parking lot, office building roof, hardscape) and area of each
    3. 3. Proposed drainage watersheds and area of each
    4. 4. Existing and proposed contours with elevation
    5. 5. Hydrologic Soil Group Boundaries and labels
    6. 6. Proposed LID BMPs
    7. 7. Flowpaths to BMPs
  • Draw a cross-section with dimensions for each volume based BMP in your design to show construction details.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to communicate the BMP design intent, show calculations for target volume and treatment volume and show how BMP design details support the BMP footprint. Only complete designs will be accepted and reviewed.
  • At least 60% of the runoff from all new impervious areas are treated by BMPs.
  • Owner must sign Rebate Agreement.

Eligible parties include:

  • Design Professionals
  • Government Entities
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • Environmental Non-Profits

Ineligible parties include:

  • Private residences
  • Required permitted BMPs (Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zones)
  • Required BMPs (CoSA Rio Districts)

Types of eligible construction include:

  • Commercial
  • Multi-Use
  • Right of way
  • Neighborhood common space

Pricing limits:

  • Minimum monetary amount of reimbursement: $15,000
  • Maximum monetary amount of reimbursement: will vary per project

If Treated Volume is less than Target Volume:

Rebate = (Treated Volume/Target Volume) x Unit Volume Rebate x *Treated Volume 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the area of a permeable pavement used to calculate target volume?

Yes, the area of permeable pavement is used in the calculation of target volume.

How much area can I drain to permeable parking?

Permeable parking is subject to a drainage area restriction. The drainage area is limited to 1:3.

Can we receive a rebate for a permeable pavement that does not have any stormwater flowing onto it, either from a building or other impervious surface?

Yes, however the target volume is calculated only using the area of the permeable pavement and the treated volume is limited to the target volume.

Does our private school qualify for the rebate?

Yes, the rebate program is open to all development in Bexar, Wilson, Karnes and Goliad counties for low impact development that meets the guidelines on the application form.

We are in the process of building a school; does it qualify for the rebate?

Yes, as long as the school is in one of the four counties and the project will be completed by required completion date.

We have an event planned for this area and will not be able to complete construction by the required completion date. Can we change the required completion date?

No, the project end date is set by the fiscal year of the River Authority. Please wait and apply next year.

When do we receive the rebate funds?

Rebate funds are paid after construction documents containing BMPs are approved and inspection during construction show that BMP was built and functions according to construction documents.

Are our answers limited to the space provided on the application form, or can we attach additional pages?

No, the answers are not limited to space provided. The form textbox will grow to accommodate your entire description. If you are submitting a written application, please attach additional pages as needed.

Can we include architectural plans and maps as part of the photos that we will submit with the application?

Yes, include as much information as possible to illustrate the site and potential designs.

I know your schedule is busy, but I was hoping that you could find a few minutes to stop by our project. Can you help with our application?

General questions can be directed to this email.

I would like to bring in a specialist, a water engineer perhaps. Would you be able to recommend someone or even send someone out to meet with me?

You are encouraged to seek professional assistance when applying for the rebate; however it is your responsibility to contact the professional(s).

I am a design professional. I have questions about the rebate and need assistance. Would you mind calling me?

Please direct all questions to this email. We answer questions as quickly as possible. In order to keep the rebate process fair, we do not comment on design ideas or give professional opinions on potential designs.

I need assistance to calculate the treated volume for a BMP in my project. Can you help calculate the treated volume of stormwater?

Please refer to the SARB LID Technical Guidance Manual for calculation of treated volume for each BMP type.

Opportunities for Additional Rebates

By applying for our rebate, you may also be eligible to apply for a San Antonio Water System (SAWS) rebate.