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Kristen Hansen
Kristen Hansen Portrait - Senior Manager of Watershed Parks and Operations
Deputy Director, Parks & Recreation

Kristen Hansen is the Deputy Director, Parks & Recreation and has been with the River Authority since 2012. Her leadership includes the development of new River Authority parks throughout the watershed, operations and maintenance of 7 nature based parks across four counties as well as the Mission Reach, Museum Reach and the San Pedro Culture Park. She also leads the operation and maintenance of River Authority flood retention dams.

Kristen received a Master of Science degree in Parks Administration from Indiana University.

Kristen’s past experiences include working as a Park Ranger for the National Park Service throughout the country, as a Park Supervisor for Orange County Parks and Recreation, and as a Park Manager for the Washington Township Community Park Systems in Avon, Indiana.

Kristen continues her passion and enjoyment of the outdoors with her two daughters.