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Board of Directors

Board of Directors & Committees

Board of Directors

San Antonio River Authority Board of Director Bylaws

A 12-member Board of Directors (Board) governs the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority). The Board consists of two at-large members from each of Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad counties, plus two at large members for Bexar County and one member for each of four River Authority districts in Bexar County, for a total of six members representing Bexar County.

All Board terms are for a period of six years. There are no term limits. All positions are elected except in the case of vacancy prior to term end, in which case the Governor of the State of Texas appoints a replacement to complete the term. When candidates are unopposed, the Texas election code allows for an entity to declare by ordinance that the candidates are unopposed and are elected to office. Elections for the River Authority Board members are staggered. The River Authority holds elections every two years.

Election Information

To assist the Board of Directors in proper management and control of the affairs of the District, the Board has established four committees populated variously by its members: Executive, Operations, Fiscal and Communications.

Board of Directors meeting agendas and minutes can be viewed here.

For information regarding Citizens to be Heard, please view the River Authority protocols for public communication at board and committee meetings here.

The list below identifies the River Authority’s Board, the county and/or district they represent, and their respective terms of office.

Wilson County, Chairman of the Board, Fiscal Vice-Chair
Bexar County District 4, Executive Vice-Chair
Bexar County District 2, Executive Secretary, Communications Vice-Chair
Bexar County District 3, Executive Treasurer, Fiscal Chair
Karnes County, Executive Committee
Goliad County, Executive Committee, Operations Vice-Chair
Goliad County, Communications Chair
Bexar County At-Large, Operations Secretary
Bexar County At-Large, Operations Chair, Fiscal Secretary