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What Threats Do Our Creeks and Rivers Face?

Thank you for interest in helping protect and preserve our creeks and rivers! Join us in our efforts by learning about the threats our waterways face, and steps you can take that can make a positive impact for future generations.

Non-Point Source Pollution

Runoff is the most significant contributor to water quality degradation and biggest threat in the San Antonio River Watershed. Water that goes into storm drains is not treated before it reaches water bodies. This water is known as stormwater runoff or non-point source pollution.

The biggest non-point source pollution concern in the San Antonio River Watershed is elevated levels of E. coli bacteria. Numerous creeks do not meet primary contact recreation criteria set by the State. San Antonio River Authority scientists have seen a correlation between storm events and elevated bacteria levels in the river.

Impervious Cover

Impervious cover is a type of surface that does not allow stormwater to absorb rainfall. Examples include sideways, driveways and rooftops. This increases the volume and velocity of stormwater entering waterways, which leads to erosion. Pervious cover is a surface that allow rainfall to filter gradually. Utilizing pervious cover on land helps slow down polluted water, spread it out and soak it in. Learn more about impervious vs. previous by watching our Let It Soak In video below:

Let It Soak In
Small Steps. Big Difference.

Here are some simple steps you can take to help make a difference to our waterways in your community:

Pick Up After Your Pet.
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Animal & pet feces that are not picked up can also end up in storm drains and travel to nearby creeks and rivers. Feces carry bacteria that cause disease. Help do your part by picking up after your pet waste and properly disposing it in the trash.

Properly Dispose of Trash.

River Authority staff picked up more than 100,000 pounds of trash along the San Antonio River Walk Mission Reach segment in 2018 alone. Always dispose of your trash properly and recycle/compost when possible. You can also report illegal dumping, oil spills, fish kills and other concerns to our Environmental Investigations team.

Improve Your Home.
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Adjust your gutter downspouts to drain into a vegetated area; keep leaf litter/grass clipping out of the street; use a car wash instead of your driveway and catch any oil leaks when working on your vehicle from home. Get more tips from our Be Watershed Wise educational poster.

Build a Rain Garden.

Interested in building your own rain garden in your home or office? We have a series of step-by-step videos to walk you through the process.

Start a Conversation. Inspire Action.

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