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SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio River Authority (River Authority), in partnership with the San Antonio River Foundation, announced the Inaugural River Symposium, which will take place September 24-26 and will include in-person and virtual events for the public. As part of today’s announcement, the River Authority also launched a t-shirt design contest for the public to submit designs that align with this year’s River Symposium theme of “Cleaning, Protecting, and taking Pride in our Waterways.” Entries are currently being accepted through June 4 on the River Authority’s website.

"The Inaugural River Symposium will provide an  opportunity for people of different backgrounds to interact with River Authority staff and guest speakers who share an interest in protecting and preserving our creeks and rivers," said River Authority General Manager Derek Boese. "We are excited to provide opportunities for people to come together virtually and in person so we can all work together to ensure that our watersheds remain healthy for generations to come.”

The purpose of the River Symposium is to increase the community’s understanding of and appreciation for the San Antonio River Basin while helping to raise awareness of the River Authority’s mission. The 2021 San Antonio River Basin Report Card will be released during the symposium, which will also feature a mix of virtual sessions, in-person events, and training workshops. The River Authority’s 8th Annual Environmental Film Fest, which will remain a virtual event for a second year, will also be included as part of the symposium. The River Symposium is built around National Public Lands Day (September 25) and World Rivers Day (September 26), and its goal is to inspire attendees to become good stewards of area natural resources.

The t-shirt contest is open to members of the public who meet eligibility requirements and who follow the contest guidelines listed on the River Authority’s website. The winner will receive a cash prize and the design will be printed on the back of the official symposium t-shirt.

Most of the River Symposium activities will be free to the public and event details will be provided on the River Authority’s website. For additional information about the Inaugural River Symposium including details on the t-shirt design contest and how to enter, visit the 2021 River Symposium event page at