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Real Estate

The Real Estate staff acquires and leases real property for public purposes and for use by the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority). We also process the sale or lease of River Authority property to third parties, the release of River Authority easements on private property, and process land use applications from third parties to use portions of River Authority’s property. 

Land Use in the San Antonio River Watershed

The San Antonio River Authority owns the beds and banks along the San Antonio River, its creeks and tributaries. This area lies mostly in SARA’s four county district of Bexar, Wilson, Karnes and Goliad counties. However, a portion of the San Antonio River extends into Refugio and Victoria counties. SARA also has jurisdiction of the river in this area until the river reaches its confluence with the Guadalupe River.

The San Antonio River Authority has jurisdiction as legislated by the Texas State Legislature, as prescribed in Chapter 276, page 556 of the Acts of the 45th legislature. To read the legislation enabling the San Antonio River Authority Click here.

SARA conveys land rights for both public and private projects which involve real estate owned or controlled by SARA.

River and Creek Crossings

  • The San Antonio River Authority is title holder for the entire beds and banks of the San Antonio River and its creeks and tributaries. In order to receive a temporary or permanent easement to cross the river or a creek, a land use application must be submitted. This packet must contain:

  • The completed Land Use Application
  • Project Description Page
  • Vicinity Map of Project Area
  • Certified Survey with Metes & Bounds & Plan/Profile Drawing
  • Methods of Environmental Protection (spills, maintenance, etc.)
  • Administrative Fee (only checks made payable to the San Antonio River Authority are accepted)
  • The completed application is then submitted to SARA for review and consideration and may need approval from SARA’s Board of Directors. The applicant will be advised of all corresponding fees at the time of submission. Administrative Fee Schedule.

SARA Properties for Lease or Sale

Occasionally, property that SARA owns is declared surplus and is made available for lease or sale. A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be issued to obtain bids for the lease of the property. View All SARA RFP’s.

Joint Use Agreements

Joint Use Agreements administered by SARA allow SARA to monitor new developments in easement and other SARA real estate interest areas. Both public and private organizations must apply for Joint Use Agreements.


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