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Is the San Antonio River Healthy?

River Health - San Antonio

Aquatic Biologists and Stormwater Scientists at the San Antonio River Authority collect surface water, stormwater, and sediment samples from the San Antonio River Basin. These samples are submitted to the River Authority Environmental Laboratory where scientists generate water quality data by conducting a variety of chemical, physical, and biological tests. Data is then compiled, analyzed, and summarized in reports using graphs, charts, and maps. The analytical reports are used to identify water quality impairments and concerns, assist in making decisions to promote basin-wide cooperative planning and communicate the health of our creeks and rivers.

Clean Rivers Program
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The San Antonio River Authority's Clean Rivers Program is the result of the Texas Legislature passing the Texas Clean  Rivers Act [Senate Bill 818] in 1991. Learn more about the program here.

River Authority Water Quality Viewer
Water quality sample stations

Our Water Quality Viewer displays the monitoring efforts for the San Antonio River Authority Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Clean Rivers Program and summarizes how the water quality in the San Antonio River Basin compares to the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards (TSWQS) using the latest TCEQ Integrated Report assessment.

San Antonio River Basin Water Summary Reports

Learn more about the health of the San Antonio River in our River Basin Summary Reports.

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