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Flood Risk

Assessing Your Home’s Flood Risk

Assessing Your Home’s Flood Risk

The River Authority has invested a lot of resources in developing updated floodplain maps throughout Bexar, Wilson, Karnes, and Goliad counties.They help people assess their risk of flooding and determine whether they need flood insurance.

Since natural flood plains are constantly changing, it is important to keep the regulatory floodplain maps as current possible. This helps communities better understand their real risk of flooding.  To stay aware of the current flood plain, view the River Authority Floodplain Viewer.

Floodplain Viewer

The River Authority’s Flood Risk Viewer compiles layers of data acquired through FEMA’s Risk MAP program. The Flood Risk Viewer provides a glimpse into how deep the 1 percent annual chance flood could be against your front door. It also provides insight to your risk of flooding over the life of a 30 year mortgage. Discover your risk below. Search your address for a more complete analysis of your flood risk using our Risk Map Viewer.

Risk Map
Hurricane Harvey simulation

Even if your property is not in the floodplain, you could still be at high risk of flooding. Assessing one’s actual flood risk requires a deeper understanding of a property’s potential for flood, and personal knowledge of what is at stake. The demonstration below simulates the effects of Hurricane Harvey in San Antonio (Olmos Dam to Hwy 281) had the storm hit here instead of the Houston area in 2017.

No Wipes in the Pipes
Simulated Hurricane Harvey Impact