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Reintroduction of the Guadalupe Bass

Fish in hand

Under a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Grant, the San Antonio River Authority (River Authority), Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Texas State University (TxST) began reintroducing Guadalupe Bass (Micropterus treculi) into the Mission Reach of the Upper San Antonio River. During the project over 60,000 Guadalupe Bass were reintroduced into the river. The Guadalupe Bass were raised at the TPWD, Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center in Mountain Home, Texas. Reintroduction and establishment of the Guadalupe Bass in to the Mission Reach may provide an opportunity to validate ecological improvements as a result of the San Antonio River Improvements Project as well as provide a valued economic and recreational resource to the community. Approximately 84,000 additional Guadalupe Bass have been stocked across four sites on the Upper San Antonio River since the end of the project in 2015. River Authority biologists will continue to monitor the population and gather individual fish genetic information to determine if the population is self-sustaining. Genetics done in 2017, verified pure Guadalupe bass in the Mission Reach and they are spawning.