Bill Harvey Blue

Marsh Sunrise
Marshland along the San Antonio River
Silhouette of a man fishing in San Antonio Bay at sunset
Sunrise over barn

Leslie Natale

Pelican in San Antonio Bay
Tri-colored heron bird

Eric Dziuk

Karnes County Winner

Robin Alaniz

Goliad County Winner

Denise Gomez Markowski

Creeks & Rivers Category Winner

Oscar Gonzalez

Bexar County Winner

Louie Uranga

Animals Category Winner

Mavis Woodard

Wilson County Winner

Siouxi A. Silva Veracruz

Student Category Winner

Cruz Garcia III

Recreation Category Winner

Roberta Williams

Plants Category Winner

Fernando Aguirre

Museum Reach Category Winner

Robert Burton

People's Choice Winner

San Antonio Express-News

A highway floods in San Antonio in 1998.

Cade Bradshaw

Arbol de la Vida, Margarita Cabrera

San Antonio River Foundation

CoCobijos, Mel Chin
BHP Pavilion at Confluence Park
Student intern Paloma Jimenez with the insect hotel.

Casey Dunn

Confluence Park Evening
Confluence Park
Kayaker on the Mission Reach Paddling Trail near Confluence Park.

Larry Servin

Whispers, Arne Quinz

2017 CAFR

2017 CAFR

Yvi Serbones Hernandez

Museum Reach of the San Antonio River Walk at the Turning Basin

Daniel Gambassi

Bee resting on a bluebonnet at Confluence Park.

Larry Sevin

Whispers along the Mission Reach: Artist Arne Quinze

San Antonio River Walk

Kayakers on the San Antonio River Walk downtown loop.

Phil Hardberger Park Conservancy

Robert L.B. Tobin Land Bridge at Phil Hardberger Park

City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation

Howard Peak Greenway Trail System
Friedrich Wilderness Park

Jennifer Crocker

San Antonio River on the King William District
View of San Antonio River from River Authority's main offices

Texas A&M University

A close up image of Nitella Algae

Mobile Om

Participants of the Yoga on the Creek series at Legacy Park

SA Report Logo

Drake White

Participant holds monarch butterfly at the Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Festival

National Park Service

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park Rancho de las Cabras

Connie Real

Views along the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River


Cris Kayaking along the San Antonio River

International Crane Foundation

Whopping crane chick standing in pond

San Antonio River Authority

The Alazán Creek Linear Trail Grand Opening in 2016
Luther Burbank High School students participate in a litter pickup during a field trip at Confluence Park.
A Snowy egret searches for its prey along Alazán Creek.
The Blue Hole at the Headwater at Incarnate Word.
The Riverdale access point on the Goliad Paddling Trail.
South San ISD students prepare to paddle the San Antonio River at Acequia Park
The Alazan Creek Linear Trail Groundbreaking in 2015

Dr. James Fuller

Dr. Fuller’s grandson enjoys the horned lizard sculpture at the Escondido Creek Parkway in Karnes County

Louis Uranga

Highly saturated photo with birds floating in the river.

Lee Marlowe

A Parkinson’s carpenter bee (Xylocopa tabaniformis ssp. Parkinsoniae) in mid-flight.
A pair of Megachile policaris, a species of leaf-cutter bee, feeds on Gregg’s mistflower.
A Western honey bee (Apis mellifera) feeds on a Common sunflower.

Anoop Mysore Venkatasubbu

Great Egret

Laura Bernal


Diane Gavin

Confluence Park

Grady Clickenbeard

Misty River Walk

Shive Sandrana


Jo Anna Maldonado

Escondido Creek Parkway Walk

Steve Steger

Pump Jack

Micheal Alcala


Steven R Alvarez

Misty River

Karyn Ribinson Garcia

Mission Reach Trail

Myles Clay Stewart McEntire


Annalise LaBreck


Jolie Casias

Egret Fishing

Bridgett Piernik-Yoder

Blue Heron

Isreal Alapag

Yellow Bird

Vic Manzanal

Humming Bird

Fran Rich


Crystal Cordova


John von Dohlen

Spring River

Kathleen McCracken

Brackenridge Park

Mark Oberle

Blue Headed Bird

Scott Lagedrost

Wildflower Field

Jim Payne

Horned Lizard

Richard O. Baltazar

Oak and Pump Jack

Joni Huwe


Wesley Copas


Ronald S Hudson


Timothy S Moermond

Prickly Pear

Patricia L Jones

Lilly Pads & Bridge