Be River Proud

Bays & Estuaries

A Safe Harbor In a Storm

A storm and lightning over marshland

Storms are common along the Texas coast. Healthy bays and estuaries can provide significant buffering of the effects of these sometime destructive storms.

A storm can cause the water to rise, and the estuary can dissipate its energy without hurting the environment. They can help keep a local community and ecosystem safer by absorbing the storm surge like a sponge. Reefs, islands, mud and sand act like barriers from the waves and wind.

Salt Marshes

Salt marshes are coastal wetlands known for having high salinity and numerous grasses and shrubs. They serve very well as a safe buffer to storms and flooding. Fun fact! They also help filter pollutants to keep the habitat and surrounding areas safe for their inhabitants.

Whooping cranes along the San Antonio River
The Importance of Conservation

It is important to conserve these natural areas to help ensure the safety of communities during future storm events. Destroying an estuary can lead to flood-prone conditions. Work has already been done to help preserve these ecosystems. 

Sea grass