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Enjoying our bays and estuaries

Silhouette of a man fishing in San Antonio Bay at sunset

Paddling, fishing, birding, wildlife tours and beach going are just a few of the ways people can enjoy bays and estuaries. Eco-tourism is valuable, because it helps educate community members and tourists on the connection between healthy ecosystems and their recreation opportunities. It also opens the door to understanding how actions upstream affect life at the coast.

Many visitors and residences of shore communities around the San Antonio Bay enjoy the sweeping views of the water’s horizon dappled by boats harvesting shrimp or oysters. Many take it a step further at the local restaurants, enjoying the fresh-catch with their friends and family. Sustainable local fisheries are certainly an important economic driver, along with recreation, and these fisheries are completely reliant on a healthy bay and estuary.

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Texas Parks and Wildlife's Seadrift Paddling Trail
Information about 20 miles of paddling trails accessed from four access points and offers rivers, lakes, and even some expert level bay paddling opportunities.